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Live the Life You've Always Imagined...

The New Year has arrived, twenty-10. I always love this time of year, I feel the most hopeful and positive. My only New Year Resolution is to abide by one of my favorite quotes "Live the life you've always imagined" by Henry David Thoreau. And I do plan on doing just that.

To surround myself with happy and positive people. To enjoy every meal. To find joy in all the little things in life. To be appreciative of everything. To travel more, even if it's just a few hours away. To wake up every day and be thankful for it. To write more handwritten notes and letters. To learn how to play an instrument, to practice Spanish, to sample more international cuisines. Better yet, learn how to cook them! To have fresh flowers all over our house, I love fresh flowers. There are so many things I tell myself "I should do that, it would be nice if I did that, wouldn't it wonderful if I did that..." but never do... so this is the year I begin to act upon the things I imagine myself doing.

What is the life you have always imagined? Is there anything stopping you from living THAT life?

Back to the "real world" on Monday (and regular daily blogging with more vintage and vintage inspirations of course)

I hope you all had a wonderful happy-go-lucky New Years Day!

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